Update:  October 22nd, 2013


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"Lacy" pictured at 18 months competing for her Adult International Champion Title at Albany, Oregon.

"Lacy" pictured at 9 months.


February 20th, 2012:  "Lacy" was shown at her first International Show at Clark County Fairgrounds in Ridgefield, WA and took her first Best In Show Title.  Please see her show results below.  We hope to have her show pictures soon.  Mishelle had to immediately come home and put her into Continental pattern as per AKC and PCA regulations, and we hope that her coat will fill in fast enough to start showing her again in AKC events by the end of March or early April.  Watch for her in upcoming International and AKC shows throughout 2012.

January 1st 2012:  "Lacy" is our beautiful new addition to Friendships breeding lines.  Watch for her show record throughout 2012.  Her first litter will be in late 2013 or early 2014.  She is a beautiful blue with a very outgoing temperament, very people social and full of mischief.  She performed very well in her first AKC show.  "Lacy" is full littermate to "Tru" (See his webpage)

Show Records

A summary of "Megan's" critiques at the age of 16 months of age when competing for her International Champion Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:   Mr Warren Hudson - USA:  Mr. Richard Camacho - USA; Mr Richard W. Samide - Intl & USAat the Evergreen State Autumn Sieger International Show October 19th & 20th , 2013 in Ridgefield, WA are as follows:


    1.)  Overall Impression:  

    2.)  Coat:  

    3.)  Head:  

    4.)  Bite, mouth:   .

    5.)  Eyes:  

    6.)  Ears:  

    7.)  Chest:  

    8.)  Front Angulation:  

    9.)  Back Angulation:   

   10.) Top line:  

   11.) Tail:

   12.) Movement:  

"Lacy" pictured at 18 months competing for her Adult International Champion Title at Albany, Oregon.

 A summary of "Lacy's" critiques at the age of 18 months when competing for her Adult International Champion Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:   Ms. Christine Cameron - USA; Mrs Rosemary Leist - USA; and Ms Juliann Bitter - Intl & USA at the 2012  Willamette Valley Summer Sieger International Show August 4th & 5th, 2012 in Albany, OR are as follows:


    1.)  Overall Impression:  Very feminine, nice square outline, nice representative, typy, square.

    2.)  Coat:  Correct texture and lenth, correct, good condition and texture.

    3.)  Head:  Correct, well shaped, typy, long, lean, nice underjaw.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:   Correct, scissors.

    5.)  Eyes:  Good shape & color, correct shape, size, color, well set and shaped, expressive.

    6.)  Ears:  Correct size & shape, proper set, well set and hung.

    7.)  Chest:  Well developed, correct, developed.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Good front assembly, good, strong, straight.

    9.)  Back Angulation:    Correct angulation, good, well angled, muscled.

   10.) Top line:  Level, correct, firm.

   11.) Tail:  Good set, proper set, well set and carried.

   12.) Movement:  Sound, good coming, going and side, nice coming & going, nice go round.


Was bested by brother "Tru" for Best of Breed and wasn't shown for Best Bred by Exhibitor for this show.  Not at her best as she had just completed her first heat cycle, had blown coat and lost weight, however we are still very pleased with this beautifully developing young bitch and looking forward to her being added to our breeding program in 2014.  Watch for her again in the show ring in 2013.


"Lacy" at 15 months earning her International Youth Champion Title at Albany, Oregon

A summary of "Lacy's" written critiques at 15 months of age is as follows from the 2012 Willamette Valley Spring Sieger International Show in May 2012 in Albany, OR..  Many thanks to the following Judges:  Ms Cheryl D Anderson - USA;  Mrs Bernadette Cox - USA.; and Mr. Clyde Morris - Intl & USA.


  1. Overall Impression:  Very active and intelligent, very elegant, well built for age, sex and breed, needs training.
  2. Coat:  Nice, profuse for age, profuse & correct - well groomed, healthy - texture.
  3. Head:  .Flat zygos, good shape and feminine, very good, showy.
  4. Bite, Mouth:  Good muzzle for age, good bite, good, scissors.
  5. Eyes:  A bit full but dark, dark & well placed, dark.
  6. Ears:  .Proper length, set and eye level, well placed & carried, proper carriage.
  7. Chest:  Nice forechest, good development for age, immature.
  8. Front Angulation:  Well angulated and balanced, excellent front assembly, loose - immature.
  9. Back Angulation:  Well angulated and balanced, correct stifle angulation for age, strong, well let down.
  10. Topline:  Hard and level, good with great head carriage, level.
  11. Tail:  Carried high and straight, well set on and used, correct, carried well.
  12. Movement:  With confidence, very balanced, very elastic,  good front & rear drive, smooth & tight.


3 X Best of Breed, 2 X Best Bred by Exhibitor, Best Bred by Exhibitor Group - 1 1st, Best of Breed Group - 2 1st.


"Lacy" at 14 months at AKC show in Albany, Oregon April 1st, 2012 - 1st time shown in the Continental!

"Lacy" with Mishelle winning Best In Show Bred By Exhibitor - IABCA Evergreen Winter Sieger Show Feb 2012

A summary of "Lacy's" critiques at the age of 12 months when competing for her International Junior Champion Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:   Mrs. Robin Hug - USA; Ms. Juliann Bitter - Int'l & USA; Mrs. Jean Pero - USA; and Mrs. Rosemary Leist - USA judging at the 2012 Evergreen State Winter Sieger International Show February 11th & 12th, 2012 in Ridgefield, WA is as follows:

***Note:  This was only Lacy's second experience in the show ring, but by the end of the 4th show she was starting to show like a "pro"..

    1.)  Overall Impression:  .Very pretty - elegant.  Beautiful puppy, typy, poodly, balanced, square.  Elegant - very promising young bitch.  Square.

    2.)  Coat:  Correct for age.  Good condition and texture.  Well groomed and excellent condition.  Correct.

    3.)  Head:  Feminine, pretty.  Typy, long, lean, nice underjaw.  Slight round with correct stop.  Nice.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Scissor - slightly shy for exam (but experience just started).  Correct.  Scissors.

    5.)  Eyes:  Dark, almond.  Well set and shaped.  Dark, oval.  Correct.

    6.)  Ears:  Set at ear.  Well set and hung.  Good set.  Correct.

    7.)  Chest:  Good development.  Developed for age.  Well developed for age.  Correct for age.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Strong shoulder.  Strong, straight, good base, tight feet.  A little loose.  Good.

    9.)  Back Angulation:   Good bend of stifle.  Well muscled and angled.  Good.

   10.) Tail:  Set and carried well.  Well set and carried.  Correct set and carriage.  Correct.

   11.) Topline:  Level.  Correct, firm.  Level, firm.  Correct.  

   12.) Movement:  Covers ground, springy.  Clean coming and going, nice go round.  Strong trot, excellent sidegate.  Crossing in front (due to touching off Mishelle's leg).


3 X Best of Breed Puppy, 4 X Best Bred By Exhibitor Puppy, 3 X Group 1st Best Puppy, 1 X Group 2nd Best Puppy, 4 X Group 1st Best Puppy Bred By Exhibitor, 1 X BEST IN SHOW PUPPY BRED BY EXHIBITOR.