Update:  March 1st, 2016



***Important notice:  Due to economic changes instead of having our litters on a regular basis, for the next year or so unless economy takes an upswing, we will only be producing litters with at least three to four deposits on a standard litter, and at least two deposits on a miniature litter.  Many, many breeders are having the same difficulties marketing puppies at this time with gas prices taking more and more of a families budget, and the current competition from all the "doodle" breeders. Pets are a luxury item for many.  At this time we do not take charge cards as we feel this contributes to families over extending themselves financially.  We brought ourselves through a period of this, and have counselled our grown children through the same.  We have several families who have sent payments on a regular basis prior to getting their puppies, so that the pup was entirely paid for before pickup or shipping.  That way when they received their puppy they also had the funds for its basic care and veterinary checkups, vaccines, spaying, neutering - as it spread the cost over several months.  As deposits come in we will list how many deposits on each litter.  Our standard litters are usually 8 - 16 puppies in a litter - if we have three deposits on a litter we will do the breeding.  Our miniature litters are usually about four to five in a litter.  



FOR FRIENDSHIPS:  LC2 - Lacy X ?. - Lacy is due in heat approximately April 2016 for a Summer 2016 Litter.  This will be Lacy's 2nd litter and may be a blue and silver litter.  We are still researching a couple of different sires for the litter.  Lacy's 1st litter with "Andre" produced wonderful large standard puppies with wonderful temperaments.  You can see "Lacy's" webpage for more info on her.  

FOR HORIZONS:  RB2 - Ruby x ?.  Ruby will be bred for a Summer 2017 litter.  This will probably be an apricot and black/blue litter with the possibility of creams and browns.  Ruby was colorgene tested and has the capability of producing what we call a "rainbow" litter - apricots, browns, blacks, creams.  She has just produced a beautiful litter of 12 pups on December 1st 2015 - six boys and six girls for the 12 days of Christmas.  I am working on a webpage for "Ruby".

Beginning prices on both of these litters are as follows:  Pet males start at $1500.00, pet females start at $1600.00.  They may go to new homes at 9 weeks of age, will have been started on crate training, grooming training, puppy shot and worming protocols, and are well started on house breaking at 9 weeks of age.   Anything sold unlimited will be $1750.00 on conditional contracts.  On stud pups we will retain the right to three breedings to females of our choice, on female pups we reserve the right to a puppy back from the first litter produced - both buyer and seller to be in agreement of stud to be used.  We sell very few pups for breeding and will not sell any for cross breeding.  We will be starting to take deposits on next years litters.  Deposit is $350.00.


Projected litters in the future will be determined year by year as we only have the two standard girls left in our breeding program at this time.

  If you reserve a puppy by deposit ($350.00) and at the last minute cannot take your puppy we only refund $100.00, as $250.00 is retained for re-advertising, or you can move your deposit to a later litter.  Please beware, as we have been informed by several families that many breeders keep the entire deposit, some have lost as much as $500.00.  We know that circumstances can change due to job lay-off, medical emergencies, loss of a loved one - many, many reasons, and we try to work with you.  All deposits go into a special savings account, and the money doesn't get touched until you get your puppy and it passes it's "well puppy check" with your own personal veterinarian within 10 days of receiving your puppy.  At that time, when we receive the vet report, also acknowledging the puppy's ID tattooed into it's left ear, and know that you and your vet are happy with the puppy, then we feel free to use the $'s to meet our expenses, and that also puts the puppies two year (from date of birth) guarantee into effect.  

As soon as pregnancy is confirmed additional parent info will be posted.  If you are interested in pick of the litter puppies it is important to get a deposit in soon.  Pick of the litter puppies are in demand for agility, search & rescue, tracking, as well as for show/breeding.  We only place one or two puppies of each sex for show/breeding and then only if we feel the conformation, temperament, and personality score high enough.  The majority of our puppies have Ltd AKC registration and are placed as pets and service/therapy dogs or in the working fields of hunting, agility, search & rescue, tracking, herding, etc.