Update:  April 24th, 2012



PR13883302  DOB:  AUGUST 30, 2009



"Rudy" pictured at 2 1/2 years of age.

"Rudy" is for sale.  Please contact us if interested.

April 2012:  "Rudy" has sired a beautiful daughter "Merri" for Mishelle, and has been placed with a new breeder in Virginia.  He is missed here with us but due to our county regulations we had to place some of our beautiful "boys" and "girls" into new homes.  Watch for him in the UKC and International show rings on the East Coast.

March 2012:  "Rudy" has sired his first and second litters.  His first was to Jozie (see her webpage), and the second to Jozie's full sibling "Molly".  He is producing beautiful puppies in shades from light apricot to a majority of reds.  They have beautiful conformation and temperaments, as well as the lovely apricot/red coloring.  He is also available for stud service here at the farm, or through AI.

February 2012:  Rudy is finally in full Continental coat, and competed in his first show as an adult.  He has also sired his first litters in late 2011 and early 2012 - producing beautiful apricot and red puppies.  Please see his show results below.  We will have new show pictures soon.  Rudy is for sale - please contact us if interested in him.

"Rudy" pictured at testing at 8 weeks.

February 2011:  Unfortunately "Rudy" suffered a severe spider bite to the top of his head, and as a result was totally clipped down at 7 months of age, just when Mishelle had him entered for his first AKC show.  He is now growing back into coat and hopefully we will have some good pictures of him soon.  He has retained his beautiful color, and is sire of one new litter, with another on the way.  He has a delightful outgoing personality. 


A summary of "Rudy's" critiques at the age of 3 years when competing for his adult International Champion Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:   Mrs. Robin Hug - USA; Ms. Juliann Bitter - Int'l & USA; and Mrs. Jean Pero - USA  judging at the 2012 Evergreen State Winter Sieger International Show February 11th & 12th, 2012 in Ridgefield, WA is as follows:

  1. Overall Impression:  Elegant.  Nise representative, square, typy.  Elegant, beautiful breed type.
  2. Coat:  Dense.  Good condition and texture.  Well groomed, excellent condition.
  3. Head: Slight but definite stop.  Typy, masculine and pleasing.  Moderate - with stop.
  4. Bite:  Scissor.  Correct.
  5. Eyes:  Dark.  Well set, good almond shape.  Dark - oval.
  6. Ears: Set at eye.  Well set, feathered, hung.  Correct - hanging loose.
  7. Chest: Good.  Developed.  Well developed.
  8. Front Angulation:  Small oval feet.  Strong, straight.  Good.
  9. Back Angulation:  Parallel, well bent hocks.  Well angled and muscled.  Good.
  10. Tail:  Set well.  Well set and carried.  Correct, high set.
  11. Topline::  Good.  Correct, firm.  Level.
  12. Movement:  Light, springy.  Clean coming and going,  poodly go round.  Straight trot.

"Rudy" earned his Adult International Champion Title also taking 3 x Best of Breed Adult and 3 X Best Bred By Exhibitor Adult.  He also took 1 X  Group 1st, 1 X Group 2nd, and 3 X Group 1st Bred By Exhibitor.

A composite summary of "Rudy's" written critiques is as follows from the 2010 Evergreen Winter Sieger International Show in February 2010 in Ridgefield, WA.  Many thanks to the following Judges:  Mrs Sharon Krogh - USA, Mr Thomas Nesbitt - CAN & Intl, Ms Juliann Kowalsky - Intl & USA.:

Judgement:  Pleasant puppy, good substance, nice representative.

  1. Overall Impression:  Pretty color, nice size, nice, typy, balanced, square, very young.
  2. Coat:  Good, good color but very dry,  good puppy coat, nice red, nice coat for age..
  3. Head:  Good, good strong typy head, typy, long, lean likeable head.
  4. Bite, Mouth:  Good, scissors, good mouth, correct, nice muzzle, good bite.
  5. Eyes:  Good, dark, well set, expressive, well set dark almond shape, nice eye color..
  6. Ears:  Good, set, carried well, well set & hung, nice length & set.
  7. Chest:  Will drop some, good depth & forechest, developed for age, correct for age.
  8. Front Angulation:  Needs more, well angled, good layback for age, good feet, strong, stylish, good.
  9. Back Angulation:  OK, a little close in rear, balanced to front, well angled, solid muscled, good.
  10. Topline:  Holds well, level, strong, correct, good.
  11. Tail:  Squirelly, set - carried well, well set, nice set.
  12. Movement:  OK,, moves close in rear, crosses over in front, clean go round, nice coming & going, moves pretty good.

"Rudy" earned his junior International Champion Title at six months of age, as well as the following:   4 X Best of Breed, 4 X Best Bred by Exhibitor, Best of Breed - 1 x Group 2nd, Best Bred by Exhibitor 3 x - Group 2nd