Update:  September 24th, 2013





Sire's Pedigree:   http://www.poodlepedigree.com/pedigree.asp?ID=359654

Dam's Pedigree:   http://www.poodlepedigree.com/pedigree.asp?ID=390997

September 2013:  Mishelle has made the decision that she needs to place "Tru".  She just doesn't have enough home space for two full grown standard males, plus her miniature "boys", and she has added two standard females in place of "Eve".  If you are interested in "Tru" please contact us.  He has passed all of his testing with flying colors, has a very outgoing personality, is beautifully crate trained, grooming trained, and up to date on all vaccinations and wormings.  He is now in a kennel clip, and loves to run and play with my "girls", but suffers when he has to be separated due to heat cycles.  We don't have anything left to breed him to, either due to relationship or color.  $2000.00 as a stud,  $1500.00 as a pet plus neutering costs.  He does have good working drive and might do well with good training as an agility dog.  He is slightly alpha in nature, is very intelligent and quick to learn and adapt to new situations.  He needs to go to someone with good training skills.

October 19th, 2012:  "Tru" is now standing at stud to select females.  He has passed all of his testing with outstanding success.  We are still growing coat on him and sister "Lacy" with hopes of showing both at the Regional Specialty being held in Oregon (for the 1st time we know of - usually in California) in 2013.  Watch for "Tru" and "Lacy" in both the International Show Rings as well as the AKC shows.  We can't thank the Hetherington's of Canada enough for joining with us in producing the outstanding litter of puppies that resulted in "Tru" and "Lacy" and their littermates.  Wonderful outgoing temperaments, sunny dispositions, plenty of working drive, but also a willingness to settle - very much like their sire LeRoy , and great-grandsire "Sterling".

January 1st 2012:  "Tru" is a beautiful blue standard, retained by Mishelle for a future Horizons standard stud.  He has a sweet, outgoing temperament and has performed well in his first two shows.  Watch for him later in 2012 when he has more coat for showing AKC.  Stud service will be by private treaty only.  "Tru" is full littermate to "Lacy" (see her webpage)

 Show Records

"Tru" earning his International CH Title - Oct 2012

 A summary of "Tru's" critiques at the age of 20 months when competing for his Adult National Champion Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:   Ms. Noreen Cartwright - USA:  Mr. Richard W. Samide - Intl & USA;  Ms Cheryl D Anderson - USA at the Evergreen State Autumn Sieger International Show October 20th & 21st, 2012 in Ridgefield, WA are as follows:


    1.)  Overall Impression:  Well balanced, good example of breed, exquisite, full of himself, square.

    2.)  Coat:  Fine and not thick for age, good condition, black, profuse.

    3.)  Head:  Well proportioned, masculine, typy, good wedge, long and lean.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:   Scissors, correct, full dentition, good.

    5.)  Eyes:  Almond, dark, full.

    6.)  Ears:  Set well, good length.

    7.)  Chest:  No prosternum or depth, good spring of rib, well filled, short compact loin.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Short upper arm, strong bone, good angles, balanced.

    9.)  Back Angulation:    Balanced, matching, balanced fore.

   10.) Top line:  Level, croup sloping.

   11.) Tail:  Set a bit low, well set, good carriage, long and hard.

   12.) Movement:  Typical, moves clean, but hops & skips, clean coming and going, short stylish way of going.


3 X Best Bred By Exhibitor,  Bred By Exhibitor Group - 1st x 1, 2nd x 1.

"Tru"  at 18 months competing for his Adult International Champion Title

 A summary of "Tru's" critiques at the age of 18 months when competing for his Adult International Champion Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:   Ms. Christine Cameron - USA; Mrs Rosemary Leist - USA; and Ms Juliann Bitter - Intl & USA at the 2012  Willamette Valley Summer Sieger International Show August 4th & 5th, 2012 in Albany, OR are as follows:


    1.)  Overall Impression:  Nice outline, overall balance, a little long, nice representative of breed, square, typey, happy young male.

    2.)  Coat:  Well groomed, correct texture, correct, good condition and texture, standard cut and texture for breed.

    3.)  Head:  Good shape, masculine, very nice, typey, long, lean, pleasing expression, very expressive and pretty male head.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:   Correct, scissors.

    5.)  Eyes:  Good color, correct shape and size, well set, dark, dark and almond shaped.

    6.)  Ears:  Correct, proper set and carriage, well set and hung, correct for breed, well carried.

    7.)  Chest:  Well filled out, proper width and depth, developed, to elbow, nice width.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Good shoulder layback, good, strong, straight, moderate layback.

    9.)  Back Angulation:    Well muscled, good, well angled, muscled, very nice angles in rear.

   10.) Top line:  Level, correct, correct for breed.

   11.) Tail:  Correct, correct set, well set and carried, held upright, correct for breed.

   12.) Movement:  Outstanding mover, good coming and going, side, nice coming and going, nice poodly go round, moves freely with good extension.


3 X Best of Breed;  4 X Best Bred By Exhibitor,  Bred By Exhibitor Group - 1st x 3, 2nd x 1,  Open Group - 1 x  1st, 3 x 2nd .

"Tru" earning his Junior International Champion Title at 9 months of age.

A summary of "Tru's" critiques at the age of 9 months when competing for his International Junior Champion Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:   Ms. Cheryl D. Anderson -  USA; Mr. Don Dvorak - USA; Mrs. Elaine Young - Can & USA; Mr. Hank Williams - USA at the 2011 Evergreen Autumn Sieger International Show October 22nd & 23rd, 2011 in Ridgefield, WA is as follows:

***Note:  This was Tru's first experience in the show ring.

 Judgement:  Very promising, masculine - silly and elegant.  Good substance for puppy.  Delightful attitude.  

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Handsome, energetic sporting dog.  Attentive - great temperament.  Good specimen.  Lively young dog.

    2.)  Coat:  Profuse natural blue.  Nice full coat.  Correct.  Age appropriate.

    3.)  Head:  Good length, lacks muzzle to back skull.  Proper shape.  Pleasing.  Young masculine head.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Good, scissors, excellent.

    5.)  Eyes:  Dark, large, bit round, set in.  Well set dark eyes.  Bright, expressive, dark.  Nice and expressive.

    6.)  Ears:  Long ear, well furnished.  Proper ear set.  Well placed.

    7.)  Chest:  Good prosternum, well ribbed, strong loin.  Good for age.  A good shape and depth for age.  Broad and deep.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Good, and balances to rear.  Very straight.  Immature.  Good.

    9.)  Back Angulation:   Good, and balances to front.  Straight, but matches front.  Immature.  Good.

   10.) Top line:  Hard, level.  Topline could be better.  Maintains in movement.  Strong.

   11.) Tail:  Bit long, carries well.  Set high as per standard.  Placed and used well.  Well set.

   12.) Movement:  Free and very light on feet, covers ground well.  Moves well considering angles.  Pleasing, happy.  A little hoppy in the front.


1 X Best of Breed Puppy;  Open Group - 1   3rd.