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PR07108109  DOB:  9/1/2005  PENN HIP 60% NO DJD/HD




"Yonnie" at three years of age!

Yonnie earning her adult International Champion Title, BOB, BBE, and Group 1st at 1 1/2 years.

September 2013:  "Yonnie" went back into the show ring to show in a family group in March 2013, going Best In Show Veteran for two shows.  She has been bred to "Jake", sire of Eve's final litter (EV4)  instead of "Adam" for her litter due in October.   We are very excited about this litter (YN3) and thank Coplar Creek for the use of Jake.  If "Yonnie" stays in good health she may be bred for one final litter (YN4) in 2014 to "Adam".

April 2012:  "Yonnie" has now earned her International Veteran Champion title at over 6 years of age and has produced two beautiful litters.  She will be bred in late 2012 again to "Adam" for the YN3 litter as we are so impressed with the YN2 litter of puppies.  If she remains in top condition she may be bred for her final litter in late 2013.  If you are interested in a beuatiful "Yonnie" offspring don't delay too long to get a deposit in.  "Yonnie's" YN2 litter temperament tested very highly on all aspects of the testing, as well as scored highly on their conformation evaluations, they are all energetic but settle quickly, are quick to train and are gentle and love a gentle touch.

Dec 2007:  With the loss of Molly who was "Yonnie's" grand dam it was decided to take "Yonnie" out of coat so that she could take Molly's place as Walt's companion.  Her personality is a lot different from Grandmother Molly's, but she is helping all of us through the grieving period following Molly's loss.  We haven't yet determined if we will be adding her to our breeding program in the next year.  It is possible that she will be bred to Mishelle's new black standard stud pup "Cappy" in 2009 if he passes all of his testing.

July 2007:  "Yonnie" is a beautiful bouncy black dream of a girl.  Always on the go, and excited to be on the show circuit.  She has a lovely attitude and lovely conformation to go with it.  We can't thank the judges enough for giving her credit for her good points.  Mishelle has been showing "Yonnie" on both the AKC and International Show Circuits.  She has taken one Best of Opposite Sex in AKC.  We plan on continuing to show "Yonnie" for the next year, and add her to our breeding program in late 2008 or early 2009.


A summary of "Yonnie's" critiques at the age of 7 1/2 years when competing for her National Veteran Champion Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:   Mr Kevin Middagh - USA;  and Ms Valerie Gervais - Can at the Evergreen State Winter Sieger International Show March 17th, 2013 in Ridgefield, WA is as follows:

 Judgement:  .

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Correct breed type, well presented, well loved dog.

    2.)  Coat:  Good condition, good.

    3.)  Head:   Correct - good parallel planes, bright, active expression.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Correct, Good.

    5.)  Eyes: .Nice - dark, bright and lots of expression.

    6.)  Ears:  Correct - set well, well set.

    7.)  Chest: Well developed, good spring of ribs.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Straight - good shoulder, good.

    9.)  Back Angulation:  Strong, balanced muscle, good.

   10.) Top line:  Raises a little over loin, appears soft - could be lack of conditioning.  (Actually due to whelping 2 large litters)

   11.) Tail: .Nice set, set on somewhat low.

   12.) Movement:  Covers ground well, moves well.


2 X Best of Breed Veteran, 2  X Best Veteran Group - 1st

Show 3 and  Show 4 - Best Veteran in Show.  

A summary of "Yonnie's" critiques at the age of 6 years when competing for her International Veteran Champion Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:   Ms. Cheryl D. Anderson -  USA; Mr. Don Dvorak - USA; Mrs. Elaine Young - Can & USA; Mr. Hank Williams - USA at the 2011 Evergreen Autumn Sieger International Show October 22nd & 23rd, 2011 in Ridgefield, WA is as follows:

***Note:  Yonnie had not been in the show ring in four years so was a bit reserved the 1st show, but then came into her own for the next three.

 Judgement:  Very pretty face - good type, long and low body.  Presented very well - nice bitch.  Pleasing specimen - steady.  

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Very sweet, insecure, pretty face.  Very good condition.  At six - very special.  Strong moving..

    2.)  Coat:  Nice wiry texuture.  Correct coat.  Outstanding coat.  Correct.

    3.)  Head:  Very clean.  Proper proportions.  Wonderful pigmentation.  Nice, lacking underjaw.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Good.  Scissors.  Excellent.

    5.)  Eyes:  Dark, good shape and set.  Well set - dark color.  Dark and correct.  Truly correct.

    6.)  Ears:  Long with good feathering.  Set at proper level.  Of good length and well set on.  Well placed.

    7.)  Chest:  Nice prosternum, long in loin.  Broad.  Pleasing - coordinated with the rest of the dog.  Deep.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Well balanced.  Slightly straight.  Correct.  Good.

    9.)  Back Angulation:  Well balanced.  Moderate - matches front.  Nice turn of stifle.  Good..

   10.) Top line:  Long, low, lacks tone, soft.  Nice level topline.  Level.  Level, firm.

   11.) Tail:  Good length, not held well.  Good - correct tail set.  Set on, expressive.  Good, set well..

   12.) Movement:  Smooth.  Moves effortlessly.  Exceptional - reach and posture.  Lively.


1 X Best of Breed, 4 X Best Bred by Exhibitor, 4 X Best of Breeed Veteran, Best-Bred-By Exhibitor Group - 2 1st, 1 2nd, 1  3rd;  Open Group - 1   1st, , Veteran Group 2 - 1st

Show 3 - Reserve Best Veteran in Show.  Show 4 - Best Veteran in Show.  11 Medallions in the breed, and two rosettes for Best In Show awards.

A summary of "Yonnie's" critiques at the age of 19 months from Judges Dr Dale Simmons and Mrs. Jean Pero of the USA, and Mrs. Letitia Bett and Mr Charles Bett of Canada at the Oregon Srping Sieger International Show April 2007 in Albany, OR is as follows:

 Judgement:  Excellent breed type, balanced.  Very nice breed type, good expression and outline. Active, well balanced.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Good proportions, healthy, energetic and good temperament, active, elegant, proudly carried, alert and intelligent.

    2.)  Coat:  Lovely clip, dense, excellent condition and grooming, black, curly, dense and harsh, well presented.

    3.)  Head:  Balanced, good muzzle and skull with proper stop, good proportions, long fine muzzle, long, smooth, skull and muzzle balanced.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Scissors.

    5.)  Eyes:  Dark, oval, expressive, almond.

    6.)  Ears:  Close, correct and well set, below eye, close to head, long, set on eye level.

    7.)  Chest:  Good forechest, good length of neck and muscled shoulder, deep to elbow, good length, moderate.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Well laid back, strong, good layback and upper arm return, moderate.

    9.)  Back Angulation:  Well angulated, good and strong, good, moderate.

   10.) Top line:  Level, short and strong.

   11.) Tail:  Set high, correct and good carriage, high set, well carried, carried up, docked.

   12.) Movement:  Strong action, moves well, effortless and strong, springy and good extension, balanced, light, springy, driving.


4 X Best of Breed, 4 X Best Bred by Exhibitor, 1 Group 1st, 2 Group 3rd

"Yonnie" earning her JR International Champion Title in Puyallup, WA at 1 year of age.

A summary of "Yonnie's" critiques by Judges Martha K Huber, Evie Sullivan, and Jane Rappolo at the age of 13 months from the International Show Evergreen Fall Sieger Show in October, 2006 in Puyallup, WA is as follows:

 Judgement:  Happy, elegant, well balanced, nice type.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Very feminine, squarely built, very nice type.

    2.)  Coat:  Dense and good texture.

    3.)  Head:  Balanced, proportions good, good planes..

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Excellent, scissors.

    5.)  Eyes:  Dark and well set.

    6.)  Ears:  Well placed, ears hang close, proper placement.

    7.)  Chest:  Developing, good depth, deep, moderate development.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Excellent, angles good, good bone.

    9.)  Back Angulation:  Excellent, moderate turn of stifle, moderate bend.

   10.) Top line:  Level, firm.

   11.) Tail:  Well set on, set in good, well set and carried.

   12.) Movement:  Can move, true coming and going, light, springy, good rear and on go around.


1 X Best Bred by Exhibitor Puppy

"Yonnie" at AKC Show Salem, OR 7/14/06 at 9 months of age.




Daddy-O’s Nat King Coal “Coal”



"Yonnie's"  Breeding History

    YN2 - "Yonnie" x "Adam"  -  DOB:  Litter confirmed by ultrasound on 12/29/2011, due approximately January 25, 2012, and ready to go approximately April 1st, 2012.

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YN1 - "Yonnie" x "Django"  - DOB:  Easter Sunday April 12th, 2009.  Click on the button below, and then the buttons on that page to see all the litter history and litter pictures.