Update:  12/31/08



"CASSIE"  DOB:  3/7/1993 to 12/31/08

Pictured at 7 years of age 12 weeks after whelping her 5th litter.

Dec 31, 2008:  Our beloved "Cassie" was put to sleep this evening to end the year.  She was doing fairly well at almost 16 years of age and we had thought she would make it to her next birthday March 7th of 2009, however the unseasonal cold, snow and ice just became too much for her even though she was stretched out in front of the fire most of the time.  She will be very much missed, however we all now have her children, her great grand children, great-great grandchildren, great-great-great grandchildren, and currently her great-great-great-great grandchildren in Cameo's CM3 litter, and her great-great-great-great-great grandchildren in Daynee's DY1 litter to carry on her legacy.  As far as I know two of her siblings out of a litter of 16 are still surviving as they came to visit us last Summer - one family with her littermate sister all the way from California.  She has also outlived a number of her puppies, some who were lost to cancers and some to accidental death, but none to the genetic problems known in the poodle breed.  She will be well remembered as being a tribute to the standard poodle breed, and the delight of our lives for many, many years - almost as many years as our children were at home.  She is now with our beloved Raven and Molly in the land of rainbows and dreams, and they all watch over us from above.

Dec 2007.  "Cassie" is still the matriarch of the family at almost 15 years of age, although definitely not as strong and able in the past few months.  She still wants to try to play with the puppies and all of our other standard and miniature poodles - and stands in the middle of the room or yard, squaring herself up on all four feet and proceeds to challenge and bark at them all - saying "come play with me".  They just look at her, and see an "old lady", with most of her teeth worn down, legs getting a little wobbly, sometimes kiss her nose and go about their running, jumping, wrestling, and playing tug-o-war with each other.  She has the spirit still, but not the strength.  I watch "Mandy" now, who is approaching her fifth birthday, and think how much she is like her great great grandmother Cassie in both appearance and actions.  Cassie so badly wants to help with herding the goats, but we no longer allow it as she is almost totally deaf and is also beginning to lose her eyesight, so Mandy is also being trained to take her place, as is Yonnie - another great great grand daughter.  Last summer we had two families visit who had Cassie's siblings.  So many of that litter of sixteen puppies are still going strong - I think a credit to Janet Blannins Palmares lines and her many, many years of breeding.  Janet was my mentor with Cassie's first litter, and is now also helping Mishelle occasionally with breeding questions and plans for both her miniatures and standards.  Like Mishelle has become my partner, Janet's son is now assisting her.  As age creeps up on us we often need an extra pair of hands if we want to continue in the work we love producing wonderful poodle puppies.

July 2007.  International & Veteran Champion Friendships Cassandra Too "Cassie" with a coat like crushed velvet, wonderful conformation, and beautiful disposition is a beloved family member who has passed on all her wonderful qualities to her offspring.  "Cassie" was wonderful working with our dairy goats, assisting in supervising in the milk barn, taking care of babies (either two or four footed), and herding.  At 14 years of age she doesn't quite outrun, outfox, and outjump all the rest of our poodles anymore, and she has been retired from herding, but she still has her wonderful sense of humor.  If one of the other poodles is laying in her favorite bed or has a bone she wants, she will go bark at the window - getting all the other poodles to come see what she is barking at, and then go take the bed or bone.   For those with aged dogs:  Cassie started having mini strokes at about 12 1/2 years of age and the vets could find no cause - all testing was normal.  A friend suggested that we put her on a human product called Green Vibrance, and she has been like she was at two years of age, showing an alertness and returned capabilities.  She has also been on Synovi-G3 for joint discomfort and to help keep her weight up which has helped a great deal as well.  We now have all of our poodles from infants starting their first soft food on Green Vibrance once a day, and they will remain on it the rest of their lives.

"Cassie" showed with class and style twelve weeks after whelping at almost 7 years of age, taking not only her International Title, but also an Aged Veteran title her 1st time on the International Show Circuit.  A composite of her written critiques is as follows:

Judgment:  Very nice quality, good bones & feet, sharp, well muscled, an active and alert breed representative.

  1. Overall impression:  Very nice, well proportioned, well conditioned.
  2. Coat:  Excellent texture and color.
  3. Head:  Good type, planes balanced.
  4. Bite, Mouth:  Perfect scissors.
  5. Eyes:  Good shape and expression.
  6. Ears:  Good leathers, adequate length, correctly placed & carried.
  7. Chest:  Good depth, well filled.  
  8. Front angulation:  Good.
  9. Rear angulation:  Good.
  10. Topline:  Firm and level.
  11. Tail:  Set on and carried properly.
  12. Movement:  Ground covering, sound, good front and rear.


2 X Best of Breed,  2 X Best Veteran

Unfortunately Cassie miscarried her last litter in August 2000, due to a hormone imbalance ending in pyometra, and had to undergo an emergency ovarian hysterectomy.  We will miss having her puppies around, but had planned on retiring her in 2001.  With good breeding her offspring will carry on in producing puppies with her beautiful carriage and poodle style, her wonderful disposition, and gorgeous coat.  We are just happy to have her companionship, her assistance on the farm, and her good health returned.  Here's hoping she will be happy being "Auntie" to the new litters expected.

"Cassie" is now over 14 years of age, extremely healthy, and is dam to our "Windy" (now 10 years of age and retired), grand dam to our "Lexi" (now owned by Anna Eberhardt), "Athena" (now owned by Karin Benker), and "Madeline" (now retired and owned by Linda Zook - OR), and "Clementine" (now retired and owned by Debbie Euker - MT), and "Aries" (now retired and owned by Doug & Judy Freeman - OR), and "Babushka" (owned by Maggie & Tim Lusk-Vanderbeck - MT) and "Apollo".  She is great grand dam to "Mandy" and "Yonnie" (now owned by FFNMORE) and "Eve" (owned by Horizons), "Jenny" (owned by Brenda Thorpe - OR), "Cameo" (owned by Cindi Stawicki - OR), "Heidi" (Co-owned by Jean Belt & Horizons), and of course many more and is great-great grandam to the newest puppy generation..

Because of the large litters she produced, 9-13 puppies in a litter, in her lifetime she has produced 77 puppies.  To our knowledge all but three of those 77 puppies are still in excellent health.  That's a pretty good record.  At 10 years of age Cassie still tested negative on eye testing and SA biopsies, was clear on DNA testing for VWD.  All in all an outstanding representative of the poodle breed, and the matriarch of our poodle family.

C1 Litter - x Star Song Promise Me Gold "Eli" - 12 puppies.  Two females lost at 10 years of age due to auto immune diseases.  One male lost at 1 year of age in an auto accident.  (2 were lost in 2006 - 1 with auto immune hymolitica, the other with something similar that struck suddenly after a move from Washington to New Mexico.  All the rest are healthy at 12 years of age.

C2 Litter - x Intl CH Friendships Viking Ravenwind "Raven" - 13 puppies.  All healthy at 11 years of age, except we just learned on September 05 that John and Anna's "Robby" just lost his life due to a very large abdominal tumor.  ("Windy's litter)

C3 Litter - x Intl Ch Friendships Raiding Saxon - 13 puppies.  All healthy at 10 years of age, except on male diagnosed at 4 years of age with Addison's. ("Joy-Joy's" litter - dam of "Mandy" - who is soon to be 5)

C4 Litter - x Intl CH Friendships Viking Ravenwind "Raven" - 13 puppies.  All healthy at 9 1/2 years of age.

C5 Litter - x Intl CH Flash of Lightning MacIntosh "Mickey" - 2 puppies.  Healthy at 9 years of age.

C6 Litter - x Intl CH Friendships Viking Ravenwind "Raven" - 9 puppies.  All healthy at 8 years of age.