Update September 24th, 2013


PR06190605 DOB:  01/30/05  


DNA Testing:  VWD-CLEAR on parentage; June 2010:  NE/DM-Clear



"EVE" at 5 years of age earning her International Champion Title.

3 x Best of Breed, Group 2nd, and Group 3rd

September 2013:  "Eve" has now been retired after having her fourth litter (EV4) sired by "Jake".  Many thanks to Coplar Creek for the use of Jake in producing this absolutely beautiful fantastic litter.  See all the Litters and pictures under her breeding records at the bottom of this page.

October 2012:  "Eve" was shown unexpectedly at the International Show in Ridgefield, WA by our grand daughter "Izabelle".  It was Izabelle's first time in the show ring and she did a great job, making all of us very proud.

September 2012:  "Eve" is being bred for her last litter on her next heat cycle in late 2012-early 2013.  This is expected to be another Royal (Giant) litter of puppies in apricot, cream, brown and black.  She is being bred to Jake Howard of Coplar Creek for this upcoming litter.  We are really going to miss her in our breeding program however she is fast approaching her 8th year, at which time we retire all of our standard females.  BE SURE TO SEE ALL THE PICTURES OF HER PREVIOUS LITTERS UNDER HER BREEDING RECORDS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

January 2012:  "Eve" is absolutely amazing and has recently been bred to "Mandy" x "Sterling" son "Ace".  We are excited about the upcoming litter.  Keep a watch on the Standard Litter page for the latest news, her pregnancy x-rays and the puppy pics.

September 2010:  "Eve" produced a lovely litter of black and apricot puppies with AKC CH Moonstones Evening Edition in May 2010.  All of this lovely litter has been placed, with Mishelle retaining one male pup for a future kennel sire - EV2-5  Horizons Up 'n Adam.  Watch for "Adam" in the show ring in Fall 2010 as he starts his show career, and for his webpage once his Penn Hip testing is completed.  At the bottom of this page you will find the button to go to litter pictures of the EV2 litter.  The EV3 litter is planned for 2011 when Eve will be bred to Sterling for a wonderful blue and silver litter.  With the temperament and conformation expected these will be fantastic puppies for service and therapy dogs, as well as for many of the working fields.

November 2009:  "Eve" produced a beautiful litter of apricot puppies with Intl CH Palmares D'jango D'Oro.  See pictures of her first litter under her breeding history at the bottom of her page.  It is planned to breed her to AKC & CAN CH Moonstone's Special Edition in Spring 2010 for a black, apricot & cream litter.  We are currently taking deposits on that litter.  It is expected to be a really high quality litter in temperament & conformation.  We will possibly be retaining the pick of the litter male as a future stud.  Please contact us about the upcoming EV2 litter.  

2007:  A change of circumstances made it necessary for Mishelle to take "Eve" out of coat before completing her adut International Champion Title.  She hopes to put her back into coat after her first litter and try for her title then.  She plans to breed "Eve" for her first litter in Spring 2008.  Get in touch if you are interested.  The tentative plan is for her to be bred for a red/apricot litter to a male out of Palmares lines.

"Eve" loves to lay on the grooming table - here she is growing coat at 8 months of age.

2005:  Horizon's Jaunty Jenaveve better known as "Eve" is a delightful outgoing puppy that was out of the lovely litter by Babushka and Jasper (breeders Maggie & Tim Lusk-Vanderbeck, MT).  Mishelle is having a lot of fun raising her first standard female puppy - and meeting the challenges of training her and preparing her for the show ring.  With "Cassie", "Windy", "Cary", and "Babushka" to follow, we really expect this puppy to carry on a lot of tradition - but instead of not entering the show ring until 5-7 years of age, she will be starting her career at  9 months of age at her first International Show in Puyallup, WA in October 2005, and then AKC shows in Ridgefield, WA and Albany, OR.



 A summary of "Eve's" critiques at the age of 7 1/2 years when shown for the first time by our grand daughter Izabelle when competing for her Championate Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:   Ms. Noreen Cartwright - USA:  Mr. Richard W. Samide - Intl & USA at the Evergreen State Autumn Sieger International Show October 20th & 21st, 2012 in Ridgefield, WA are as follows:

***Note:  "Eve" had whelped with a litter of 11 puppies just 9 months earlier and is still getting back into shape.  This was her 3rd large litter.


    1.)  Overall Impression:  Lovely apricot, nice profile, nice girl - balanced.

    2.)  Coat:  Thick, curly, good condition apricot.

    3.)  Head:  Nicely proportioned, good muzzle feel, typy.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:   Correct, scissors, weak underjaw.

    5.)  Eyes:  Dark, with dark eye rims.

    6.)  Ears:  Well placed, well set.

    7.)  Chest:  Needs more forechest, to the ribs (?elbow), good spring of rib.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Open angles, good shoulder.  Gorgeous feet.

    9.)  Back Angulation:    Matching front, matching angles.  Gorgeous feet.

   10.) Top line:  Dip in back, level.

   11.) Tail:  Happy, well carried, well set, good carriage.

   12.) Movement:  Nice side point, flailing coming back, moves clean and smooth.



Truly not a good picture of Eve at 6 years of age - she was freezing in 18 degree weather, and you can't see but Mishelle was wearing ear muffs in the pictures as well.  "Eve" and all the rest of our poods wore coats the whole weekend except when in the ring and taking pictures.  There was no central heating in the show building and the portable heaters just couldn't fight the cold.  We're thankful the judges all made it through and appreciate their efforts and the efforts of the IABCA staff.

A summary of "Eve's" written critiques when competing for her Veteran Champion Title at six years of age is as follows from the 2011 Evergreen Winter Sieger International Show in Ridgefield, WA in February 2011.  Our many thanks to the following judges:  Ms Lee Whittier - USA; Mrs Pat Putman - USA; Mr Clyde Morris - USA/UCI Int; Mrs Faye Strauss - USA.  The temperatures were so cold it was a wonder anyone could function.  Eve was so cold that her hair was standing on end for her professional picture, and it did not turn out well at all, so we elected not to show  it here.  It's possible that someone took some of her in the show  ring that we might be able to show later.

Judgement:  Showy adult bitch, elegant & dignified, carries herself proudly, up on leg.

  1. Overall Impression:  Strong, good color, handles well, 6 year old lovely sweet presence, beautiful, elegant, intelligent looking.
  2. Coat:  Curly and full, good condition, prefer show clip, groomed subtle clip, well groomed.
  3. Head:  Muzzle equals skull length, bit broad - cheeky, good, nice clean wedge, would like better finish, long lean wedge, smooth sides..
  4. Bite, Mouth:  Scissors, excellent, good.
  5. Eyes:   Dark, expressive, oval, good, good shape & expression.
  6. Ears:  Good set, proper, set correctly at eye level.
  7. Chest:  Broad, adequate, well developed, appropriately deep..
  8. Front Angulation:  Forechest defined, uses itself well, moderate, balanced, laid back smooth..
  9. Back Angulation:  Balanced to front, well let down, moderate, balanced, matches front.
  10. Topline:  Straight, bit low in back, little soft, strong, good croup, level.
  11. Tail:  OK, proper carriage, well set - carried well, tail set moderately high.
  12. Movement:  True, sound, easy, happy, good all way round, straight forward & back, reach and drive.

Eve was awarded her Veteran International Champion Title, as well as going 2 x Best of Breed Adult, and 4 X Best of Breed Veteran, taking a Group 2nd in Veteran


"EVE" at 5 years of age earning her International Champion Title.

3 x Best of Breed, Group 2nd, and Group 3rd

A summary of "Eve's" written critiques is as follows from the 2009 Columbia Summer Sieger International Show in St Helens, OR in June 2009.  Our many thanks to the following judges:  Mr Gary Dunlop - USA, Ms Juliann Kowalsky - Intl & USA, Mr Alberto Berrios - Intl & USA, Mr Richard Byrd - USA.

Judgement:  Nice representative,

  1. Overall Impression:  A little long, solid, balanced, well built, good size square bitch, good girl, good attitude.
  2. Coat:  Outstanding texture, good condition & texture, nice hard texture, very good.
  3. Head:  Proper fill under eyes, typy, feminine, long, lean, good proportions, very good.
  4. Bite, Mouth:  Good, correct, scissors.
  5. Eyes:   Excellent color, well set, almond shaped, nice shape & color, alert.
  6. Ears:  Very good set & length, well set & long, nicely set, very good.
  7. Chest:  Very good forechest, developed, nicely developed, full and solid.
  8. Front Angulation:  A little steep, strong, straight nice tight feet, nice - matching rear angulation, balanced front & back.
  9. Back Angulation:  Proper, well angled, solid muscle, nice - matching front angulation, balanced front & back.
  10. Topline:  Weak, slight dip, correct firm, straight & level, very good.
  11. Tail:  Good set, well set & carried, nicely set high, good.
  12. Movement:  Outstanding gait, clean go round, nice front, nice overall, smooth and fluid.

Eve was awarded her adult International Champion Title, as well as going 3 x Best of Breed Adult, and taking a Group 2nd, and a Group 3rd in tough competition with other non-sporting breeds.

"Eve" pictured at 14 months of age. 

 A summary of "Eve's" critiques at the age of 14 months when competing for her Adult National Champion Title is shown below.  The summaries are compiled from the judges reports of the following judges:                               in April 2006 at the        Sieger International Show in


    1.)  Overall Impression:  

    2.)  Coat:  

    3.)  Head:  .

    4.)  Bite, mouth:   

    5.)  Eyes:  

    6.)  Ears:  

    7.)  Chest:  

    8.)  Front Angulation:  

    9.)  Back Angulation:   

   10.) Top line:  

   11.) Tail:  

   12.) Movement:  


3 X Best of Breed;  4 X Best Bred By Exhibitor,  Bred By Exhibitor Group - 1st x 3, 1nd x 1,  Open Group - 1 x  1st, 3 x 2nd .


"Eve" pictured at 5 months of age.

A summary of "Eve's" written critique is as follows from the Puyallup, WA International Show in October 2005:

Judgement:  Well presented puppy, nice young girl, needs to focus and calm down.

  1. Overall Impression:  Nicely balanced, rather shy, fearful, squarely proportioned, great potential.
  2. Coat:  Correct, good depth of color, puppy coat, not much texture yet, good condition.
  3. Head:  Nicely balanced, set on short neck, good type.
  4. Bite, Mouth:  Good, needs more underjaw, scissors, full dentition.
  5. Eyes:  Nice and dark, good placement, like more shape, round.
  6. Ears:  Good length and set, fine, well set.
  7. Chest:  Nicely developed for age, to elbows, good for age - needs forechest.
  8. Front Angulation:  Good, nice bone and feet, moderate, good - balanced.
  9. Back Angulation:  Nicely balanced, nice hocks, too slight, great inner thighs.
  10. Topline:  Correct for breed, level from appearances, level.
  11. Tail:  Good set, not using well today, tips forward, up - active.
  12. Movement:  Good for age, sufficient from all angles, clear mover when focused.

Eve was awarded two legs toward her Jr International Title.   2 X BOB Puppy, 1 - Group 2 Puppy



Intl CH Friendships Winsum Waltz "Babushka"

Pictured at 2 years of age 16 weeks after whelping at 2005 International Show, Seattle, WA - Best of Breed, and Group 1st Win

Sire:  Mon Petite Cheau (Owned by Debbie Euker, MT).


B1-6    Friendships Jake o'Jaunty  Bend, OR shown at 14 weeks.


 EV1 - BRED TO INTL CH PALMARES DJANGO D'ORO    -  Producing a beautiful litter of apricots and reds on April 28th, 2008.  Six girls and 4 boys, with the last girl being stillborn.  Click on the buttons for the litter pictures.


EV2 - BRED TO AKC & Can CH Moonstone's Evening Edition "EDDIE" - Producing another beautiful litter of apricots and blacks on May 2nd, 2010.  Please click on the button below to see the litter pictures.  Mishelle retained "Adam" from this litter, and his sister "Elena" will also be in a breeding program with her new owners from Vancouver, WA.  Both were shown at 5 months of age in a family group for the sire "Eddy" at the Evergreen Autumn Sieger Show in Ridgefield, WA - as pictured below.

 Mishelle with Intl Jr CH Horizons Up 'n Adam;  

and Bob with Intl Jr CH Horizons Morning Edition Elena "Elena"

Producing a lovely litter of apricots, creams and blacks.  Click on the buttons below for the litter pictures.


EV3 - BRED TO INTL CH FRIENDSHIPS ARGENT ACE - Producing a fantastic litter of Royals or Giants, outstanding temperaments for service and therapy or for most working fields.  A truly stupendous, elegant litter overall.  Click on the buttons below for some great litter pictures.


EV4 - Bred to Intl CH Jake Howard of Coplar Creek