Update April 27th, 2012




Pictured at 22 months at International Show, Seattle, WA June 05.


April 2012:  "Ginger" had just two puppies on her final breeding, which was to "Cody".  They are absolutely beautiful and Mishelle has retained "Roxie" to add to her breeding program if she passes all of her testing.  "Ginger" is scheduled for spaying in mid May 2012 and will be available to go to a new home in June 2012.  If you are interested please contact us.  "Ginger" is only available to go to a home in the Pacific Northwest, and must be allowed to sleep on the bed.  Again our county regulations require us to let our retired poodles go to new homes if we want to be able to keep any replacement poodles for our breeding program, even though they are our beloved family members.  Ginger does well with other miniatures and standards however is an alpha female.  You can see pictures of her litters at the bottom of this page.

September 2010:  Ginger just had her 4th litter, sired by Intl CH Horizons Christian Soldier - a wonderful litter of black and apricot puppies - full of fun and charm.  See pictures of the G4 litter and previous litters by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of this page.

International Champion Horizons Gingersnap - "Ginger" to all who know her is a delightful miniature, with outstanding conformation.  She is wonderful to watch on the move, and is a real tribute to her dam and sire.  

"Ginger" earned her Junior International Champion Title at 9 months of age at the International Show in Hillsboro, OR, in May 2005.  The following is a summary of her critiques as a puppy:  

Judgement:  Very finishable, nice puppy enjoying her day out, nice bitch, good attitude.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  well presented, shown well, poodilly, coat developing - slightly distracting.

    2.)  Coat:  Excellent, profuse, good texture & color, lots potential, good body pelt, developing.

    3.)  Head:  Nicely balanced, nice muzzle, pleasing, feminine, good, good balance skull/muzzle.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Excellent, correct.

    5.)  Eyes:  Nice shape & color, good, good expression, correct set & color.

    6.)  Ears:   Good, nice length, set & carried correctly.

    7.)  Chest:  Well developed for age, good, adequate for age.

    8.)  Front angulation:  Balanced, good, a little wide, tighter shoulders, adeqaute.

    9.)  Back angulation:  Good stifle & hock, balanced, good, good substance.

   10.) Top line:  Good, correct, solid.

   11.) Tail:  Nice set, carried well on move, very good, correct set & carriage.

   12.) Movement:  Good, hard to see, covered ground with reach & drive, pretty good reach, drive, can do better..


3 X Best of Breed Puppy, 3 X Best Bred by Exhibitor, 2 X Group First


"Ginger" earned her adult International Champion Title at 22 months at the International Show in Seattle, WA June 2005.  The following is a summarization of her written critiques from each show.

Judgement:  Excellent breed type, elegant young bitch, pleasing, good condition, well developed..

  1. Overall Impression:  Good condition, healthy appearance, already very showy, good attitude, nice outline, typical.
  2. Coat:  Excellent texture, correct texture, correct, pleasing texture and color.
  3. Head:  Beautiful feminine head, lovely face, wedge, correctly balanced.
  4. Bite, Mouth:   Correct dentition, correct, sound.
  5. Eyes:  Good shape, color, correct for light dog, dark, well placed.
  6. Ears:  Well set, correct ear set, good fringe & setting.
  7. Chest:  Well developed, good depth, nice chest, well let down, good width..
  8. Front Angulation:   Outstanding, shoulders could have better set, well angled shouloder, sound bone.
  9. Back Angulation:   Outstanding, adequate, pleasing stifle and hock, good width.
  10. Topline:   Correct, nice top line on the go, correct and sound.
  11. Tail:   Correct croup with good tail set, nice set, well set & carried.
  12. Movement:   Outstanding, close in rear, side gait nice, quick & easy, covers ground well.


 3 X Best of Breed Puppy, 3 X Best Bred by Exhibitor, 3 X Group First, 1 X Reserve Best Bred by Exhibitor in Show.


Dam:   Intl CH Orista Cheri Tawny O'Horizon "Tawny"



                                                                         Sire:   Intl CH PJ's Teddy Bear Of Horizon "Toby"




G1 Litter - "Ginger" x "Pierre"  DOB:  August 31st, 2005  

When "Ginger" produced her first litter, she proved to be a wonderful mother, even adopting one of "Heidi's" standard puppies that was born very tiny.   


G2 Litter - A repeat of the G1 Litter - "Ginger" x "Pierre"  DOB:  April 12, 2006.  4 apricot males, 2 apricot females.  


G3 Litter :  Born June 3rd, 2007:  Out of Mishelle's new Canadian Import Intl CH Glintondale's New Horizon "Sunny".  "Sunny" is very typey, and has a wonderful outgoing temperament, however has gone oversize so Mishelle will not be showing him on the AKC Show Circuit as she had planned.  He sired a beautiful litter with "Ginger" and she has two male pups still available.


Intl CH Glintondale's New Horizon "Sunny"            Ginger with the G3 litter at 3 days of age - a post card perfect picture.

G3-1 "Moe" at 8 wks                                                                     Horizons Mighty Moe at 7 months of age.  


   G3-2  "Alli"                                 G3-3 "Tiny Tim"  at 8 weeks                            Horizons Tiny Tim at 7 months of age.


                    G3-4  "Leo" POL Male                            G3-5  "Penny"  POL Female