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PP539008/11 DOB:  10/21/1997  OFA25EXC/SA-NEG/PRA-NEG/VWD-DNA-CLEAR


Pictured at over 5 years of age, a beautiful "blue", at 2003 Poodle Specialty at Rose City Classic in Portland, Or

 IN MEMORY AND NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN  10/21/1997-3/31/2007

On March 28th Molly had spent the day with Walt and seemed to be a bit lethargic and off her feed that evening.  She was running a very slight temperature, but I just didn't feel that something was quite right with her.  I called the vet, and after some discussion we decided that we should take her in first thing the next morning.  X-rays, urinalysis, and blood work did not show anything definitive, however she was put on antibiotics until the results of further blood work could be received.  She improved over the next 48 hours and then started failing again.  She underwent exploratory surgery at that time and was found to have an abdominal tumor that had wrapped around her intestines causing a rupture (starting peritonitis) and was strangulating the aorta - the main blood vessel to the abdomen.  The prognosis was very poor so our beloved Molly was laid to rest as all the family grieved deeply for this amazing standard poodle who had brightened all of our lives, and helped us through some very difficult times in her nine and a half years with us.  Our daughters and our six year old grand daughter came and made a "Memorial Garden" for Molly here at the farm.  Even with her son Sterling and grand daughter Yonnie, and all our other poodles that we love so much, we still miss her in our lives and in our hearts.  Her memories, the little things she did that helped us each day, will be in our hearts and minds forever.  May she and my beloved Raven rest in peace in God's garden and wait for our coming.

National & International Champion Friendships By Golly Ms Molly "Molly" is another delight in our lives and a gentle, sensitive "Lady", the feminine equivalent to our "British Gentleman - Raven".  "Molly" is out of "Raven's" littermate sister "Chelsea", so again shares some of that "British" reserve that we see in both "Raven" and "Cary".  "Molly" is wonderful at "mothering" anything and anyone that walks or talks, or sits in the baby swing.  She and "Raven" tend to be my own personal companions, where "Cassie" is Walt's.  "Molly" is a "blue" who is continuing to "silver out".  She is wonderful at teaching and training the young puppies that are born to us, or come into our care.  Molly is wonderful to watch on the move as she just seems to float above the ground.

"Molly" is our first poodle to be shown on the International Show Circuit, earning her Junior and International Champion titles.  A summary of "Molly's written critique is as follows from  Olympia, WA International Show in July 1999, when she was 20 months old.:

Judgement:  A good quality dog, great attitude.

  1. Overall Impression:  An attractive dog, nice size.
  2. Coat:  Good quality.
  3. Head:  Well proportioned.
  4. Bite, Mouth:  Correct bite.
  5. Eyes:  Dark and well shaped, very good color.
  6. Ears:  Nice, well set.
  7. Chest:  Good depth, good spring of rib, nicely developed.
  8. Front Angulation:  Good layback of shoulder.
  9. Back Angulation:  Good turn of stifle.
  10. Topline:  Nice and level.
  11. Tail:  Set well.
  12. Movement:  True coming and going, good front movement.

Molly was awarded her International Champion title.

When Molly was shown  in August 2001 at the Hillsboro, OR International Show  at almost 4 years of age 13 weeks after whelping a litter of 16 puppies, and in a kennel clip she critiqued as follows:

Judgment:  Very well balanced, nice showman.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Quality everywhere, beautiful bitch.

    2.)  Coat:  Good texture.

    3.)  Head:  Well balanced, expressive, pretty.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Correct.

    5.)  Eyes:  Dark, well set, nice.

    6.)  Ears:  Well set and carried, good.

    7.)  Chest:  Good depth.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Good.

    9.)  Back Angulation:  Good.

   10.) Top line:  Level, strong moving, good.

   11.) Tail:  Set and carried correctly, good.

   12.) Movement:  Free and sound, beautiful movement.


Molly was awarded her National Champion Title, and with 4 of her offspring that were just over 3 months of age took Best Family Group in Show  for all three shows. Three of the four pups were shown in individual classes and all took their Jr titles.  We went on later to show three of her offspring to their International Titles:  Intl CH Friendships Lord Sterling, Intl CH Friendships Lady Angelique, and Intl CH Friendships Queen Anne (owned by Pam Tarver, WA).



Molly, along with Sterling & Angelique (two of the 16 puppies from that litter) then showed in family group in Longview, WA when the pups were almost 2 years of age, and again took Best Family Group in Show, and went on to take Best Family Group in Show at the Rose City Classic Poodle Specialty in January 2003.


We were very excited when we bred Int'l Ch Friendships By Golly Ms Molly to Tuderose A Dickens! Daventry, visiting in our area from Daventry Kennels of Maryland in 2002.  Like "Molly", "Dickens" is from silver parentage on his sires side, and black parentage on his dam's side.  "Dickens" comes from outstanding Canadian Champion lines.  He also comes from some of the most outstanding poodles in the U.S. and Canada earning obedience, agility and retrieving titles.  The "Dickens" x "Molly" cross produced a beautiful litter of 16 blacks, silvers and blues.  The inbreeding co-efficient for the litter was 2.73 @ 98%.  Our thanks goes to the late Dr. John Armstrong with the University of Ottawa for helping us with the research resulting in the arrangement of this breeding to a stud of outstanding silver lines - noted for longevity, lack of congenital problems, outstanding conformation and outstanding athletic abilities. This is the litter that produced our wonderful Intl CH Friendships Lord Sterling and Intl Ch Friendships Lady Angelique (now owned by Anna Eberhardt), as well as Intl CH Friendships Queen Anne and Intl CH Friendships Lord Samuel.  "Molly" with Sterling & Angelique have taken many awards on the International Show Circuit and at AKC Poodle Specialties for Best of Breed Family Group, and Best Family Group in Show.  Sterling and Angelique have also taken numerous Best Bred By Exhibitor awards.  In 2004 one of this litter was diagnosed at 4 years of age with Addisons.  All the rest have been reported as healthy and doing well.  Five puppies from this litter have their International Champion Titles - 2 Jrs, 3 Jr and Adult titles.


PP64604309   DOB: 04/30/2001   PENNHIP 70%/CERF-NEG/SA-NEG/VWD-CLEAR


"Angel" pictured at 20 months of age at Rose City Classic January 2003

International Champion Friendships Lady Angelique is a delight, and is a lovely silver with a gorgeous coat.  Angelique has recently passed all of her testing.    Angelique has a beautiful floating gait, and is a delight to watch on the move, she is very elegant and regal, and has a wonderfully serene disposition.  . When going for Best of Breed Puppy she and Sterling were always trading off the wins.  Angelique belongs to Anna Eberhardt.

Here is a summary of Angelique's critique as a puppy when shown at just over 3 months of age at the Hillsboro, OR International Show in August 2001.

Judgement:  Nice type, nice carriage, very promising puppy, noteworthy of any win.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Feminime, remarkably sound for age, very typey, pretty and elegant.

    2.)  Coat:  Nice, excellent texture.

    3.)  Head:  Pretty, shows promise of refinement and length, wonderful, expressive.

    4.)  Bite, Mouth:  Good.

    5.)  Eyes:  Good, pretty expression, dark, well set, beautiful.

    6.)  Ears:  Good, well set, great placement.

    7.)  Chest:  Good, enough depth for age.

    8.)  Front angulation:  Good, very set under.

    9.)  Back angulation:  Good, very nice.

   10.) Top line:  Good, nice, level, solid.

   11.) Tail:  Good, set & carried correctly, good length, well set.

   12.) Movement:  Nice style, sound, very elegant.


Award Junior International Champion Title, Best of Breed Puppy and Best Bred by Exhibitor x 1 show.  Part of Best Family Group In Show all three shows.


When shown at 18 months at Longview, WA International Show in November 2002 Angelique's critiques summarized as follows:


Judgement:  Pleasing specimen, well put together, good condition, well balanced, excellent feet.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Good outline, typey, muscular, nice specimen, 18 month silver top of size.

    2.)  Coat:  Well pigmented, well groomed, good texture and condition, good double coat.

    3.)  Head:  Proportionate, fairly balanced, well developed, feminine, long lean, well balanced.

    4.)  Bite, Mouth:  Sound & correct, scissors, full dentition.

    5.)  Eyes:  Dark, well spaced, pleasing shape, good pigmentation, good placement.

    6.)  Ears:  Good length & fringe, well set.

    7.)  Chest:  Good depth and width for size, good forechest, fills well for age.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Well placed shoulder, well boned, tight feet, excellent assembly, balanced true.

    9.)  Back Angulation:  Sound hock, broad & muscular, pleasing stifle, balanced true.

   10.) Top line:  Correct, strong, holds up well.

   11.) Tail:  Pleasing carriage, nice brush, well set.

   12.) Movement:  Covers ground well, strong coming and going, good mover, fair reach of gait.


Award International Champion Title and Best Bred By Exhibitor x 2 shows.  Part of Best Family Group In Show all three shows.


On advice from geneticist at UC Davis it was decided to wait to breed Angelique until four years of age to make sure that there are no signs of genetic health problems, since we recently discovered that one of her grandsires became epileptic.  (Please see our notes under Health issues page.)

In 2003 "Molly" produced a lovely litter of blues sired by German import Intl Ch Flash of Lightning MacIntosh "Mickey" (Owned by Karin Benker).  Again this was a litter of gorgeous puppies with wonderful temperaments and personalities, and beautiful plush coats.


                        M2-1 at 12 wks  Friendships Flash O'Lightnin "Shadows"                     M2-2  at 8 wks  Friendships Flash O'Cascades  "Casey"

                             Silver/Lgt Blue Male (Now resides at Pullman, WA)                                   Blue Male       (Now resides at Bellingham, WA)

Due to the fact that we have become aware that Mollie's sire Kallista's Khrome was neutered due to a seizure pattern we have decided to remove Molly from our breeding program.  This has been a very difficult decision to make.  We will continue on at this time with Intl CH Friendships Lord Sterling and Intl CH Friendships Lady Angelique "Angel" after discussing the situation with the geneticists at UC Davis, since they are another generation away from the problem.  The research project into Epilepsy lacked enough submissions in 2000 to complete the research project, however the research project on Addisonian's is ongoing, and they are compiling DNA files from those records to also be used in the Epilepsy study when they have enough submissions. Molly is as always my devoted companion both on and off the farm, and fosters every "baby" we have.  I had really hoped to keep a replacement for Molly from her last litter, which is now not to be.  (Please see notes on Addisons and Epilepsy research on our Health page.)