Update 9/05


PP452729/05 DOB: 7/3/1995  PENNHIP 70%/CERF-NEG/SA-NEG/VWD-CLEAR - COI 1.7 @ 93%



"Raven" was shown and pictured at 4 1/2 years of age with our youngest daughter Teena.


Int'l Ch Friendships Viking Ravenwind "Raven" had a gentle disposition, excellent conformation and coat.  Raven was very square, with width and depth throughout, very majestic in appearance and a real "British Gentleman" in attitude.  His Dam, Lady Bess of Bath (dec at 16 yrs) was out of England.  Raven was a working dog on the farm, and so gentle with livestock, small children, elderly people, and our constant companion.  Raven has sired a number of litters, producing very beautiful and correct puppies in deep browns, gorgeous blacks, and lovely apricot ranging from light to dark, and gorgeous creams.

"Raven" was the sire of what are becoming known as our "mellow fellows".  Extremely large, but very gentle, very intelligent males reaching 28-30" tall, and reaching weights at full maturity (4 yrs) of 75-95#.  Many of these are with families with small children, being used in clinics as therapy dogs, and as service dogs.  For all of their size they are very correct in conformation and poodle "type", and have excellent health.

"Raven" was also becoming known, when combined with our "Cary" daughters "Velvet" and "Gypsy Delight" as a producer of outstanding working standards - working in field trials, search and rescue, tracking, agility, obedience and service fields.  Temperament testing very highly on sensitivity testing, retriever testing, people sociability skills, and high intelligence. "Raven" was shown and critiqued at the International Show in Ridgefiled, Washington December 1999. A summary of his critiquing is as follows:  

Judgement:   Nice typed, well balanced.

2 x Best of Breed

In September 2004 Raven was stung multiple times in the underbody by yellow jackets, with a severe reaction and extreme swelling of his genitalia, causing restriction of the ureters and a back up into his kidneys.  Medication would not take effect quickly enough, and Raven now resides in a corner of heaven, and is sorely missed by all the family, and many friends.  Fortunately he had just bred two females - "Valentine" from California, and "Gypsy Delight".  Both settled and delivered beautiful litters from which his lines will continue.

"Raven" 2004 Offspring - "Tia", "Falcon", "Rowdy"

"Raven" children & grandchildren - "Heidi", "Tia", "Falcon", "Rowdy", "Jenny"

"Raven" was to be bred to "Daynee" & "Kayla" offspring of our Czechoslovakian 6 yr old black import Multi CH Atlanta Black Diamond and Pearls "Dotti" and out of "Raven" great grandson and "Cary" son Friendships Shiloh Garden (owned by Debbie Euker, MT).  Instead "Daynee" will be bred to our new Raven son "Falcon" in 2006.  This should be a litter of beautiful deep browns and blacks, with a possibility of creams.  This litters inbreeding co-efficient will be around 2.45 and is low in Eaton, Haus Brau and Wycliffe lines.  We are still trying to complete Dotti's 10 generation European pedigree on two of her lines.  

"Raven" was hit by a car at 8 months of age, damaging his left hip.  As a result he did not pass OFA at 2 1/2 years of age.  Subsequently Raven had surgery at 4 1/2 years of age (Ear injury), and again at 6 1/2 years of age (benign tumor between his toes) at which time we had his hip x-rays repeated. There were no changes whatever in all that time, so at 7 1/2 years of age we decided to have Raven Penn Hipped.  Raven has been a vigorous, active working dog on the farm for years, always very athletic, with tremendous muscling in the rear.  He Penn Hipped at 7 1/2 years of age at 70%, however the amazing thing is that there is no scarring on the ball or socket, no signs of osteo arthritis, no signs of DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease) in either hip.  We had always restricted Raven from breeding to "outside" bitches due to the fact that he had not passed OFA, however with our veterinarian specialists encouragement we again offered Raven for limited stud service. All of Raven's grandchildren from Windy have been Penn Hipped at 80-90%, also with no evidence of osteo arthritis - one of the biggest contributors to hips dysplasia.  At 7 1/2 years of age Raven Penn Hipped better than 70% of the dogs in his breed.  

"Raven" with his low COI and tremendous chest was wonderful for improving chest in his offspring, and for diluting bitches with a high COI, and especially valuable genetically for reducing the influence of standard poodles in the background that are known carriers of genetic problems, because of his diversified pedigree.  He carries the brown, black and cream genes so is good for breeding to a variety of bitches.    "Raven" was nine years of age when he was lost in 2004.  My constant companion - he will be missed forever..