Update 12/07


    PP434341/03 DOB: 1/10/1995   OFA26G/PRA-NEG/SA-NEG/VWD-DNA-CLEAR


"Saxon pictured at 5 years of age at International Show in Ridgefield, WA

December 2007:  "Saxon" is still going strong as a service dog, and will turn 13 years of age in another month.  He is very much loved by his family who have been going through some difficult times the last year or so.  His lines go on in great grand children Mandy, Kit, Kayla and Daynee.

2005:  Int'l Ch Friendships Raiding Saxon "Saxon" has sired a number of outstanding puppies in deep satiny blacks, soft velvety creams, and glowing light apricots .  Saxon is very distinguished and elegant in appearance, with a gentle disposition, and wonderful grace and agility.  He is known as our "American Playboy" due to his vivacious personality with the "girls", and his "let's get on with it" attitude in comparison to "Raven's" and "Cary's" more European type reserve, and "gentlemanly" breeding habits.  "Saxon" has a very definite sense of humor, and is the absolute "clown" when disciplined.  Boy, have we come a long way in grooming technique since those first shows.  However these are the only pictures we have of the "boys" in show coat.  We all have to start somewhere.

"Saxon" is the sire of Intl Ch Friendships Chantelle Cherie, who is also the featured poodle in the film "Babe, Pig In The City", as well as having sired a number of pups which are currently beginning their show seasons, both on the AKC show circuit and the International show circuit.  A number are also competing for Obedience and Agility titles.  Saxon was retired from breeding when he was 7 years of age, and is still living a full healthy life at the age of almost 11 years with his adoptive family.  We are still working with "Shiloh" (owned by Debbie Euker) and "Mandy" (owned by Friendships) who are descendents of "Saxon".

"Saxon" written critique from the International Show at Longview, Washington Feb 2000 is as follows:  

Judgment:  Stalwart, strong,  healthy dog, nice condition.  

  1. Overall Impression:  Showy, good attitude.  
  2. Coat:  Excellent condition.  
  3. Head:  Pleasing, good carriage.  
  4. Bite, mouth:  Correct.  
  5. Eyes:  Dark, well placed.  
  6. Ears:  Of good length.  
  7. Chest:  Nice depth.  
  8. Front Angulation:  Well knit shoulders.  
  9. Rear Angulation:  Good, good muscle.  
  10. Topline:  Level.  
  11. Tail:  Used well, well set.  
  12. Movement:  Good attitude, proud carriage.  

"Saxon" went Best of Breed three times.

Int'l Ch Friendships Raiding Saxon was bred to Int'l Ch In Orbit Friendships Alexis (now owned by Anna Eberhardt) for a Summer 2001 litter.  They produced a beautiful litter of satiny black puppies, and some beautiful creams as well.  This was a large litter 11 pups, which was typical of both Saxon and Alexis dam, as Alexis was a pick of the litter pup from a litter of 15.  The inbreeding co-efficient for this litter was be 3.93 at 98%.

Saxon sired 26 puppies with Cassie - one of the 2nd litter was diagnosed with Addison's at 4 years of age.  As a result Saxon was neutered and placed in a home. All the rest have been reported as healthy as of September 2005.

Saxon sired 14 puppies with Windy - all of which are reported healthy as of September 2005.

In late 2004 we were notified that one of the Saxon x Lexi litter was diagnosed with Addisons at 2 years of age.

Saxon sired over 100 puppies, 51 in his 4 litter for Friendships, and we have had only the two reports of health problems, however since the newest research shows that both parents need to be carriers to produce Addisons we feel that we made the right decision when he was seven.  We still get many, many requests asking for his puppies or for stud service.