Update Octoberr 2011


PP646043/11   DOB: 04/30/2001   

PENNHIP 60%  No DJD/HD  OFA-GD 48mo / CERF-NEG / Nov 08: SA-NEG/



"Sterling" shown at 8 years of age earning his International Veteran Title!!!

Still performing with elegance and style and an extremely sound body and mind!!!

Went twice as Reserve Best In Show Veteran against a tough field of veterans of all breeds!!!

October 15th, 2011:  The family suffered a tremendous shock on Thursday October 13th, when we lost our beloved Sterling to an almost instantaneous bloat caused by torsion of his large intestine.  We managed to get him into Carlton Veterinary Hospital where Dr. Leanne was able to reduce some of the bloat.  X-rays were taken both before and after.  This is our first case of bloat or torsion in 18 years of breeding.  After having survived the neutering due to testicular tumors, and then the spleenectomy for a large tumor on his spleen, and then a very severe "Hobo" spider bite that destroyed almost all the skin and a lot of muscle on his right upper thigh - we expected to have several more years with our beautiful silver boy.  The vets thought that due to the removal of the spleen, and the fact that his abdominal wall did not have its full strength and elasticity returned that it may have been a contributing factor to the torsion.  It was felt that the capability of his surviving another major abdominal surgery - and being able to get him up to Portland for that surgery (he stopped breathing once just on the way to Carlton), and the fact that he was bloating almost as fast as we could relieve it that the risk was in the 20-30 percentile, and that the quality of his life would be greatly reduced.  So like my beautiful English Gentleman "Raven" (Sterling's uncle), and my lovely "Molly" (Sterling's dam), and had to make the decision to let my Gentle Giant "Sterling" cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  We will miss all three forever and ever, and will rejoice when we see them, and our beloved "Cassie" in heaven.

 Sterling pictured at 20 months at Rose City Classic in Portland, Or January  2003 (still growing coat)

September 2011:  Sterling was to be used for his last home litter with Eve, and we planned to add a daughter from this litter to our home and to our breeding program.  Unfortunately after we started the breeding, in doing microscopic slides we discovered that his sperm count was not coming up, but was decreasing each time he was used.  Upon palpation we discovered that he had small tumors in the testicles.  He underwent an exam - and fortunaltely the prostate was not affected.  Still the decision was made to neuter him and send in biopsies, and he had removal of two molars at the same time.  Praise the Lord the tumors were benign, however while he was under anesthetic our vet decided to do a full abdominal palpation and found another large tumor on the spleen.  He had already been under anesthetic too long to be able to do further surgery at that time, and we needed to do more studies before making any major decisions.  In the next week he underwent further ultrasound and chest x-rays looking for any other signs of tumors.  None were found, so after 8 weeks of careful watching and keeping him very quiet (spenic tumors can rupture and cause bleeding out immediately) he underwent a splenectomy.  It was such a relief when the biopsies from that tumor also came back from the lab as benign.  He is now recovering very well, and is loving being part of the household and getting to play with the female puppies - no longer do we have to worry about heat cycles with him..  We, and all the families that had deposits on the Eve x Sterling litter are heartbroke that it was the end of his breeding career, but we are all thankful for his good health.  He has some of the most fantastic puppies all over the country working as service and therapy dogs, in the Reading to Dogs program.  In his 9 years of breeding he has produced some of the most beautiful poodle puppies with wonderful conformation, wonderful temperaments and wonderful personalities.  His legacy is carried on by Yonnie, Tru, and Lacey.  I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support while we were going through his weeks of care and recovery.  For those of you who delayed bringing your "girls" to him - we are sorry - but it's too late now.

September 2010:  Sterling is still going strong and impressing all that visit with his size, conformation, temperament and personality.  He has so many wonderful puppies out in the world now doing what they do best - working as service and therapy dogs, wonderful family companions, and several in other working fields.  His gentle giants are so well known all over the United States and now he has several offspring in Canada as well.  Sterling is still being offered at stud, as well as being available through fresh chilled semen ($1000.00 plus travel expenses).

November 2009:  Sterling is starting his eighth year as a stud dog.  As in all things he breeds with gentleness.  To date he has not thrown a single puppy (Praise the Lord) with a genetic problem, and his oldest puppies were 7 years old this year.  Sterling has produced a lot of wonderful puppies for Friendships as well as for other breeders in the area, and his puppies are very much loved - especially those working in service and therapy fields.  They are well known for their size, mellowness, gentleness, and yet outgoing personalities, and their beautiful conformation and temperaments.  Sterling is still being offered at stud however to a limited number of females as he gets older.  He is, maintaining a very good sperm count, which we confirm with each breeding with microscopic study.  His stud fee is now $1000.00, and all bitches must have completed testing. We will not breed bitches younger than 2-3 years of age, and we require that the litters come back to us for temperament testing & conformation evaluations, and only those passing with the highest scores may be registered unlimited.  The balance of the puppies must be sold on a limited registration basis on spay/neuter contracts.  This is to preserve the integrity of the poodle breed, and to prevent puppies being used to produce "Designer Gene Doodles" indescriminately.

December 2007:  Sterling is still attracting everyone's attention everywhere.  For all his size he is so elegant, and so gentle.  We will be returning to the International Show Circuit with Sterling in April 2007 in the hopes of earning his Veteran title.  All of his puppies are still in good health, and we see many that visit us at shows, or come to board or visit when their families are in the area.  They are amazing for their size and gentleness, and high level of intelligence, and for their elegance and beauty.  He is also helping us to deal with the grieving from the loss of Raven and Sterling's mother Molly.  Whenever I have had Sterling out with me for a while, instead of being in his kennel or the play yard he kept vanishing for a few minutes, which was disconcerting when we were showing him to visitors.  I finally realized that he was going clear down to the barn yard manure pile to do his "business".  I guess he felt it was better than us having to move it later - very thoughtful of him.  Yonnie and Mandy, and miniatures Tasy and Promise all do the same thing when they go down to the barns to do chores with me.  I guess they all figure they are savings us some "clean up" time, and that it leaves more time to play with them.  Sterling is still available for stud service to select females.  He carries only the silver, blue and black genes.

2005:  Our beautiful silver International Champion Friendships Lord Sterling is attracting attention everywhere he is seen, whether it is in rough coat here at the farm, or on the show cirucit.  He is very elegant, well balanced, and has a the same delightful personality as his "British Gentleman" uncle "Raven", and his dam "Molly". "Sterling" has already sired several litters, and his puppies are very well known for their high level of intelligence, "poodle type", and wonderful temperaments. Almost all of his offspring are in family homes with either very small children - infants and toddlers, or senior citizens.  A number of his puppies are in training as service dogs, especially as they achieve a size that is beneficial for that purpose.  His puppies are also testing highly for work as retrievers, and for search & rescue and tracking, as well as for obedience and agility.  "Sterling" is gorgeous to watch on the move, and carries himself with dignity, but also has a sense of humour.


"Sterling" shown at 8 years of age earning his International Champion Veteran Title

as well as 2 x Reserve Best In Show Veteran!!!

Sterling was taken back into the show ring at 8 years of age for his Veteran Title, even though he was eligible at six years.  When shown in April 2009 at the Willamette Valley Sieger International Show in Eugene, OR he was outstanding in both Open Class, Bred By Exhibitor, and his Veteran Classes, competing against all ages with elegance & style, and the health & strength surpassing many a younger poodle.  A summary of Sterling's critiques is as follows:  Many thanks to the following Judges: Mr. Richard Byrd - USA, Ms Juliann Kowalsky - USA, Mrs. Nancy Byrd - USA, and Ms Jane Roppolo - USA/UCI Intl.

 Judgement:  Very strong, retriever sporting look, nice representative, powerful male with good showmanship, spry for age, substantial  - well put together.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Looks good in his trim, great condition, strong large male, near square, good for age..

    2.)  Coat: Good, good texture, good condition & texture.

    3.)  Head:  Very good, typy, massive, fits dog, very strong, good planes, balanced.

    4.)  Bite, Mouth:  Correct, scissors.

    5.)  Eyes:  Good, expressive, well set, oval shape, dark, expressive..

    6.)  Ears:  He has two, well set, long, feathered, proper length.

    7.)  Chest:  Good, developed, very deep, extremely well developed body, good depth.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Good, strong, straight tight feet, proper, good feet, nice bone and layback.

    9.) Back Angulation:  Good, well angulated, solid, proper.

   10.) Top line:  Good, correct, firm, very level.

   11.) Tail:  Good set, well set and carried, proper set & carriage.

   12.) Movement:  Very good, elegant, clean coming & going, nice go round, sound, free, easy, stylish, clean..


"Sterling" earned his International Champion Veteran Title, as well as the following: 3 x Best of Breed, 3 times Best Bred by Exhibitor, 3 x Best Bred by Exhibitor Veteran, 1 x Reserve Best of Breed, 2 x Reserve Best In Show Veteran

"Sterling" earning his International Champion Title at 18 months of age!!

When shown in November 2002 at the Longview, WA International Show  a summary of Sterling's critiques is as follows:  Many thanks to Judges: L T Bud Haverstock - Canada, Dr. Steve Keating - USA and Janet Wilcox - USA.

 Judgement:  Well balanced, reasonably proportioned, muscular, good outline, excellent feet.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Good attitude, well developed, muscular, good condition, 18 months complete dark silver, fits type, top for size.

    2.)  Coat:  Excellent texture, well pigmented, fits dog, heavy double coat.

    3.)  Head:  Beautiful shape, reasonable balance and proportioned skull, made for muzzle, good clean head, well balanced.

    4.)  Bite, Mouth:  Correct and sound dentition, scissors.

    5.)  Eyes:  Correct shape, color and set, dark.

    6.)  Ears:  Well set, frame head, good length and feathering.

    7.)  Chest:  Well developed, well let down, pleasing width, well filled chest.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Good front assembly, shoulder well placed, close elbow, pleasing angles.

    9.) Back Angulation:  Well muscled, muscular and broad, sound, well arched toes.

   10.) Top line:  Strong, level, sound.

   11.) Tail:  Follows croup correctly, well set and carried.

   12.) Movement:  Moves well, sound rear, covers ground, good side gait, clean down and back.


Earned his International Champion Title and one Best Bred By Exhibitor, and part of Best Family Group in Show for three shows.


See Dam:  Natl & Intl Ch Friendships By Golly Ms Molly and

Sister:  Intl Ch Friendships Lady Angelique


Family Group has taken numerous Best In Show at International Shows and at an AKC Poodle Specialty.

Sterling is available for outside service to a few select bitches.


Sterling X Summer (S1 litter) 4 1/2 months "Sunny" (Resides in Washington)  

Jr Intl Ch Friendship Lord Byron

Sterling x Lucy  (L3 litter)  9 weeks  "Byron"   (Owned by Cheryl Drenkow, CA)

When shown in August 2003 at the Hillsboro, OR International Show  a summary of Byron's critiques at 7 months of age is as follows:

 Judgement:  Delightful active puppy, very nice representative of breed, delightful temperament, has promise when he shows himself properly.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Represents the breed, healthy, energetic, great attitude, balanced puppy that's very full of himself today.

    2.)  Coat:  Excellent, correct texture & length, changing from puppy color to adult.

    3.)  Head:  Well balanced, with good levels, muzzle could be slightly thinner, little broad in back skull, little more length in back face.

    4.)  Bite, Mouth:  Strong, scissors, needs underjaw.

    5.)  Eyes:  Dark, excellent pigmentation, correct set, color, shape, a little large.

    6.)  Ears:  Set close to the head, well set with good leathers, correctly set.

    7.)  Chest:  Well developed for age, good for age, good depth.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Feet need attention, nails should be close clipped, very good, little straigh tin upper arm..

    9.) Back Angulation:  Correct length, rear bone equal size, good sound thigh.

   10.) Top line:  Level, correct, firm.

   11.) Tail:  Expressive, fits nicely in croup, a little low set.

   12.) Movement:  Puddley, nice action in motion, very happy young man, difficult to evaluate.


Brought up from Calilfornia to be shown and handled by Mishelle Plummer while his family was on vacation.  A vibrant, fun, energetic puppy to show at 7 months of age.

 Two of Sterling's latest daughters have been doing very well on both the International Show Circuit and the AKC Show Circuit.


                            Intl CH Kaycori Heidi Ho "Heidi"                                                      Intl Ch Friendships Saphire Gem "Jenny"

                           (Out of Athena - Windy x Mickey)                                                             (Out of Lexi - Windy x Mickey )

                2 yrs - owned by Mishelle Plummer - Horizons                                       1 yr - owned by Brenda Thorpe, Eugene, OR

Be sure to see "Heidi's" page for the pictures of her new litter - 10 girls, 1 boy born September 1st, 2005.

Also see the page for Sterling daughter:  Intl CH Friendships Sparkling Cameo  "Cameo" (Out of Madeline - Windy x Mickey)

The heritage of Cassie, Raven and Molly coming down through the generations.

And in Fall 2007 - The AM3 litter:  Intl CH Karbits Amanda of Friendship (Cassie & Raven Great great grand daughter) was bred to Sterlling, and they produced an all silver litter on September 23rd 2007.  Mandy carries a silver line through her sires side, but we have been amazed at the quality of silvering showing in the pups as early as four weeks of age, and at 10 weeks it looks like all six are going to be silvers, three light silver very large males, and 3 darker silvers (like Sterling) - 2 males and 1 female.  The puppies are beautiful and temperament tested beautifully.  These are the head shots at evaluations at 8 weeks of age.


AM3-1 Dark Silver Male                       AM3-2  Silver Male                                AM3-3  Silver Male (2nd POL)


AM3-4  Dark Silver Male                       AM3-5 Dark Silver Female                  AM3-6  Silver Male (1st POL)


Health Notes Dec 2007:  Sterling had a littermate diagnosed with Addison's in 2006, and a littermate diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2006.  Raven also had a littermate diagnosed with Addison's, and yet never produced an Addisonian pup in over 97 puppies produced in our associated group, or in any of the outside breeding that produced litters.  Sterling has now sired numerous litters with the same results.  His first litter is almost six years of age, and he produced 4 litters the following year of 12-14 puppies in each litter, none of which have had any illness.  We heard through the "grapevine" that Molly's sire was diagnosed with epilepsy.  Molly was 6 years old at the time, and even though she had only produced two litters because of the fact that her sire was thought to carry the genetic capability for passing on Addison's and Epilepsy we had her spayed.  Sterling is all that is left directly from the lines from England and we are watching all of his siblings and offspring very closely.  Molly produced a litter of sixteen puppies (three died at birth) and only the two Sterling siblings have been diagnosed with any problems.  We don't believe that Raven or Sterling carry the gene, and both parents must carry it to produce it.  However, due to the fact that there is no proof until DNA testing is available for both conditions we are very selective about who we will breed Sterling to.  Only when we have DNA testing for Addison's and Epilepsy will we be able to eradicate it from the breed.  Until then no breeder can actually guarantie that a puppy will not be afflicted with either condition.  A certain percentage will be carriers, a certain percentage will be clear, and a certain percentage will be afflicted.  Our percentage of afflicted has been remarkably low for the number of puppies that we have produced in almost 13 years of breeding standards.