Update February 2011


PR021446/01 DOB: 10/16/2002 PENN HIP 50% NO HD/DJD/PATELLAS-NORMAL



"Tara" pictured at 4 years of age.

February 2011:  Please see breeding note at bottom of page.  "Tara" has now been spayed and is "Auntie" to all the upcoming litters, and still mother and grandmother of Christian and Cody, as well as numerous puppies that come back for board.

DEC 2007:  Mishelle took "Tara" out of coat right after the pictures above in preparation for her 4th litter sired by "Sunny", which is due the beginning of January 2008.  "Tara" had been put back into coat to complete earning her adult International CH title following producing three beautiful litters, one with "Joey" from which she kept "Amy", one with "Toby" which ended up all boys, and one with "Promise" from which she has kept "Christian".  We are all very excited about her red/apricot litter due from "Sunny".  Watch the "Litter" page for news and pictures.

April 2007:  Junior International Champion Hara Vom Quisitzeck better known as "Tara" by our daughter Mishelle of Horizons Miniatures is a German Import.  She is a sweetheart, and has now produced two beautiful litters of apricot puppies.   


"Tara" was put back into coat, not as long as we would have liked, and shown at Evergreen Autumn Sieger International Show in Enumclaw, WA in October 2007 at 5 years of age and just after weaning her 3rd litter.  The following is a summarization of her critiques from Judges Mr. Don Dvorak - USA, Mr. Dana Plonkey - USA, and Mr. Charles Bett - Canada:

Judgement:  Excellent breed type, active, very outgoing..

  1. Overall Impression:  Good, nice color, feminine little girl, balanced.
  2. Coat:  Needs more coat, decent, dark, well pigmented.
  3. Head:  Good, head fits her body, touch narrow, moderate.
  4. Bite, Mouth:  Good, scissors.
  5. Eyes:  Very good, pretty expression, dark, well set.
  6. Ears:  Very good, nicely set, hanging close.
  7. Chest:  Very good, could use more depth, reasonable forechest.
  8. Front Angulation:   Very good, little straight, touch straight.
  9. Back Angulation:   Good, well let down.
  10. Topline:   Very good, OK, level.
  11. Tail:   Very good, good set, well carried.
  12. Movement:   Good, stylish, light, springy, good reach.

"Tara" was also shown at one more International Show at 10 months of age at Hillsboro, OR in August 2003.  The following is her critique from that show::

Judgement:  Well balanced.

  1. Overall Impression:  Represents breed, good attitude and condition.
  2. Coat:  Full, good pigmentation.
  3. Head:  Balanced, of good length, expressive.
  4. Bite, Mouth:   Excellent.
  5. Eyes:  Dark, well placed.
  6. Ears:  Set on close to head.
  7. Chest:  Good depth.
  8. Front Angulation:   Small feet, stands well over feet.
  9. Back Angulation:   Travels wide.
  10. Topline:   Level.
  11. Tail:   Set on and used well.
  12. Movement:   Difficult to assess.  (Playful, wouldn't keep her feet on the ground.)

"Tara" shown at 7 months of age in Hillsboro, OR at the International Show May 2003


The following is a summarization of "Tara's" critique's from the International Show at 7 months of age in Hillsboro, OR in May 2003:

Judgement:  Nice puppy, coat needs improvement, needs maturity, puppy has good movement..

  1. Overall Impression:  Sound movement, very nice, needs some work..
  2. Coat:  Adequate for age, good texture, needs conditon yet..
  3. Head:  Pretty, OK.
  4. Bite, Mouth:   Good, good bite, would like to see darker pigmentation.
  5. Eyes:  Nice, good pigment for color, ok color with coat, correct color for coat.
  6. Ears:  Set good, very nice.
  7. Chest:  Good for age, will develop, needs developing.
  8. Front Angulation:   Needs more layback, nice, correct.
  9. Back Angulation:   Fairly decent, needs more bend of stifle, correct.
  10. Topline:   OK, good, level, but a bit long.
  11. Tail:   Set nicely, OK, good tail set.
  12. Movement:   Sound, fair, moves rather well.


TR4 LITTER:  "Tara" is bred to "Sunny", with a red/apricot litter expected right around January 1st, 2008.  We are currently taking deposits on this litter.

Sire of TR4 Litter:  Intl CH Glintondale's New Horizon "Sunny

TR3 LITTER:  "Tara" was bred to "Promise" for this beautiful black litter and retained "Christian" for her breeding program.

Intl JR CH Horizons Christian Soldier "Christian"




"Tara" pictured in a sporting clip at 2 years of age and expecting the TR2 Litter sired by "Toby".

"Tara" was bred to German Import Snow-Whites Black Dwarf Of Lovely Children better known as "Joey" for her first litter (TR1) producing, 4 beautiful apricot puppies (see Pierre and Amy), and then to "Toby" for her second litter - producing four beautiful apricot "boys".  Another breeding with "Toby" is planned for 2006, with the hopes of getting some "girls" (Unfortunately this breeding did not take place as "Toby" went sterile.)


The TR5 Litter:  "Tara" x "Rudy"  :  Apricot/Red Litter  -  It was Expected the end of October

Dam:  "Tara"  

It was heartbreak all around for all of us, and those with deposits on Tara's final litter.  "Tara" lost the puppies in the final stages of her pregnancy, and we almost lost her.  As a result "Tara" has been retired - was recently spayed, and will now be "Auntie" to all the upcoming litters.  Mishelle is crushed as she planned to keep a daughter from this final litter of Tara's.  "Tara" will rule the roost for many years to come, and is so much loved by all of us.  "Tara" was Mishelle's first German import, and is dam of Christian and Cody, and grand dam of Rudy.