Update January 2012




(Expecting her 3rd litter in 3 weeks when pictured& shown!!)

Mature Measurements:  13 1/2" x 14 3/4"  18.4#

January 2012:  Our wonderful German import "Tasy" has now been retired, and will remain our beloved companion for years to come.  She is in excellent health after delivering her final litter of 5 puppies sired by Promise, surviving a really nasty Hobo spider bite in the groin, and then being spayed 3 months later than planned due to the healing time it took for the spider bite..  She graced us with two beautiful brown girls from her last litter, who both passed their PRA testing with Optigen and are clear as carriers.  Only her sons have been clear in the past from Promise who is unfortunately a carrier.  Her girls "Sparkle" and "Sassy" are the usual Tasy livewires, full of fun and mischief.  Watch for their webpages to come and for them in the show ring in 2012.  "Sparkle" will be shown both AKC and International.  "Sassy" will be shown just International as she may go ever so slightly oversized.  They are also full siblings to our beautiful "Gabby" who will have her second litter in Spring-Summer 2012.  "Tasy" will probably also return to the International Show Ring in late 2012 or early 2013 for her International Veteran Champion Title.

"Tasy" returned to the show ring after almost three years off and having her first two litters.  She was recently bred to Moonstones Promises Kept (Litter #TS3), and was not feeling her best but performed very well, and did earn her adult International Champion Title.  "Tasy" competed at the Spring International Dog Show in Albany, OR under three outstanding judges - Ms. Jane Rappolo - USA, Mr. Richard Samide - USA, and Honey Glendenning, Canada.  A composite or "Tasy's" critiques is as follows:

Judgement:  Needs ring experience, little unsure; nice typy young bitch, good sample of breed standard; bit unsure.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Near square appearance; nice - happy.

    2.)  Coat:  Fair texture; good condition; nice texture.

    3.)  Head:  Moderately rounded; very typy; could be more feminine.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Scissors; good.

    5.)  Eyes:  Dark, oval; set well.

    6.)  Ears:   Well placed; well set.

    7.)  Chest:  Deep, well developed; good depth, good forechest; good development.

    8.)  Front angulation:  Nice bone & feet; good; could be better.

    9.)  Back angulation:  Good turn of stifle; good; bit more bend would be nice.

   10.) Top line:  Level; okay.

   11.) Tail:  Well set, would not get it up; well set; set well.

   12.) Movement:  Clean; clean mover; could be better.


All three legs of International Champion title earned.  Three legs under three different judges from two different countries.



   "Tasy" just put into pattern at 1 year.


"Tasy" just arrived from Germany at 5 months

International Junior Champion X-Tasy in Brown of Lovely Children was imported from Carmen Kohler in Germany along with "Joey" (see Pierre and Amy page) and littermate Heidi (owned by Karin Benker).  "Tasy" is the delight of our lives, fitting in with our standard poodles, and has produced two lovely litters for us.  She has wonderful conformation and personality and is truly like a "standard" in "miniature" in both body style and poodle type, and in temperament.  When looking for our foundation stock in miniatures we found so many that were more of a "toy" type in conformation and personality, which is one of the reasons we looked to Germany for our foundation, which was also helped by the fact that Karen is originally from Germany.  Note the long tail in her first picture - tail docking and dew claw removal are no longer approved in Germany, so this was done after they arrived in the U.S.

"Tasy" at 8 months of age at International Show, Hillsboro, OR

The following is a compilation of "Tasy's" critiques from the International Show in Hillsboro, OR in August 2003 at 8 months of age.

Judgement:  Of good balance, but reticent, nice example of breed, promising baby, needs to learn to use tail.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Good condition, well presented, showy, good balance, correct puppy of good type.

    2.)  Coat:  Correct texture and pigment, good length, good color and density.

    3.)  Head:  Expressive, shows animation, balanced with body, good fore face, needs underjaw.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Excellent bite, strong teeth, correct scissors.

    5.)  Eyes:  Of correct color for coat, correct color, shape, set, color conforms to coat..

    6.)  Ears:   Could be used better, well used, good leather, well set.

    7.)  Chest:  Good depth, well developed for age, well ribbed.

    8.)  Front angulation:  Nice feet, very good for age, moderate.

    9.)  Back angulation:  Moves freely, well muscled, correct stifle, little straight, could be let down in hock..

   10.) Top line:  Level, correct, firm.

   11.) Tail:  Could be used better, set on good, sets nicely in croup, hold up, too low set, carriage is too low.

   12.) Movement:  Covers ground, sound front & rear, soundly.


Watch for "Tasy" again in the show ring in Fall of 2005 and 2006.




"Tasy" was bred to German stud Multi CH Tabledancer Von Ziethnereck (owned by Carmen Kohler) while he was visiting here from Germany for her first litter in Fall 2004.  This resulted in two brown puppies, one with a white chest marking.


For her second litter she was bred to Horizons Peter Piper "Pierre", and produced four adorable puppies, three with white markings.


For her next three litters she was bred to Moonstone Promises Kept who we had on lease, which resulted in three beautiful litters of black and brown puppies, with wonderful conformation and beautiful temperaments.


TS3 Litter - Tasy x Promise - click on the buttons below for all the info.



       Friendships Ramblin' Rose  "Rosie" at 18 months - an absolute sweetheart!!!!  

TS4 Litter - "Tasy" x "Promise"  Born November 16th, 2006   This is "Tasy's" fourth litter and as expected is a beautiful black litter, as unfortunately she did not give us any browns this time.  She was bred to "Promise", a young male that we have on lease for the next year.  We have included pictures of "Promise", who is a black male sired by a black imported male from Finland, and a brown dam.  Unfortunately we do not have any pictures of his ancestry.     We have retained JR Intl CH Friendships Gorgeous Gabriella from the TS4 litter.     


 The TS5 litter was born September 16th, 2007.  This is the final breeding currently planned between "Promise" and "Tasy".   They have produced exceptional puppies. The TS5 litter consists of 1 brown male, 1 brown female, and two black males.  The two black males are available.  We are awaiting results of PRA DNA testing on the brown pups at this time.  They are tentatively reserved.  Contact us if you are interested in any of the pups on a spay/neuter basis.  Promise is a PRA carrier,  Tasy is PRA clear.  The puppies will never be afflicted with PRA, but can be carriers.  TS3-4 also qualifies very highly for breeding/showing, but at this time we are only testing the two brown pups for breeding/showing.  If they do not come out clear they will be sold as pets only.  Tasy Penn Hipped at 90% Promise at 60%.


           TS5 Litter Nursing at 10 days                                    One of those picture perfect moments - Tasy with pups at 8 weeks of age.


 The TS6 Litter was born November 2nd, 2008.  This was a breeding between "Christian" and "Tasy", and produced two wonderful black males - "Luke" and "Buddy".  "Tasy" was originally carrying a large litter, but unfortunately climbed the 5 foot chain link fences and jumped from the top just a few days before the pups would have attached, and miscarried most of the litter.  This is the one species where the babies do not attach to the uterine lining until they are 21-25 days into their pregnancy.  The "boys" were delightful pups to raise, and are the delights of their new families lives.  Just click on the blue buttons to see their pictures.